The VIÑA ORETANAbrand includes an excellent range of wines that have been created for your enjoyment. Most are ecological varietal wines, with a modern, young and dynamic spirit, that have been designed for the most sophisticated palates as well as for consumers interested in fun and contemporary wines with the following features:



All our wines undergo to strict quality controls before reaching the market.

Only the best grapes from a wide array of varieties are harvested when perfectly ripe, and they are then crushed and fermented (at carefully controlled temperatures) using the most cutting-edge equipment available on the market. The addition of native yeasts that have been carefully selected and processes such as must clarification allow us to guarantee products that meet the increasingly higher expectations of consumers.

The result: quality wines that are full-bodied (red wines) and fresh (white wines), with intense bouquet and rich nuances that perfectly define the variety they represent.



The meticulous production process, which is carried out using 100% certified ecological grapes that are free of pesticides and artificial fertilizers, follows established practices for these types of products and allows us to create quality, healthy, and natural wines.

The ecological production guarantee is certified by SOHISCERT, a renowned auditor with extensive experience, after the processes have undergone exhaustive controls and the accrediting analysis results have been verified to confirm the absence of the aforementioned substances.



The elegant, modern, personal, and defined image of our wines is the result of meticulous work with a firm objective: to properly convey the products features and to clearly differentiate it from the competition, sparing no expense or effort.



Our commitment to producing affordable wines for consumers encourages us to work as efficiently as possible. In addition, we refuse to apply exorbitant and completely unjustified margins that are unsettling to buyers and transform wines into luxury products. We produce highly competitive products that have an excellent quality-price ratio.




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